About me

A sewing enthusiast who thinks it is terribly vital to live a creative life. What would life be without fabrics, colors, the tape measure, camera, music, or the sewing machine? A little more boring I suppose.

I live in Sweden with my husband and child, work with accounting and try to find time for my creative hobbies in the somewhat busy life. I´ve sewn since I was a teenager, self-taught through making mistakes along the way. My first real, self-drafted cloth I can remember was a dark red evening dress in floor length and spaghetti straps, a project I made on the Christmas eve morning to surprise my family when I was about 10 years old. Since then I sew when the energy and time exists and I don´t prioritise any other creative hobby, like digital pattern design, photo editing, playing music, knitting or crafting.

Anyway, here is the place for any person who wants some inspiration. Enjoy, like, share, pin and comment if you like to. All the best/ Hanna

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